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Hungry Bark

Superfoods w/ Turkey + Duck

Duck is a cooling which is great for pets with allergies.  Hungry Bark uses farm-raised animal products, and non-GMO vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


Real Whitefish & Brown Rice

pawTree is one of my favorite brands.  I know and trust the company & products.  Whitefish is a cooling protein which is great for pets with allergies.  Overall price will be cheapest when you buy the 30 lb bag.
This does have rosemary extract and rosemary is a yellow allergen.  However, it is the last ingredient so it’s possible there will be no reaction.


Duck Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Duck is a top choice for protein for dogs with allergies.  This is a grain free food.  Because of that, the added Taurine is an important ingredient to maintain heart health.
They also have a canned duck food that you could mix into the kibble.

Raw Paws

Freeze Dried Complete Turkey Pet Food for Dogs & Cats

Turkey is a “cooling” protein – meaning it will not add any additional inflammation in your dog’s body.
The is a Freeze-Dried food, and pricier then most.  This would be a good mix in with the kibble.

Just Food for Dogs

Fish & Sweet Potato

This is a good fresh, frozen option.  You just thaw and serve.  It is a pricier option.  Could  be used as the entire meal / only food.
OR, split each meal with this + kibble.

Farmer's Dog

ONLY the Turkey Recipe

Farmer’s Dog is a Fresh/Frozen option.  Since it is pricier, you could mix this into your pawTree Kibble as a treat.

Raw Paws

Signature Blend Complete Turkey for Dogs & Cats

This is a good raw food.  You can thaw it when you are ready to serve it.  This would be a good raw blend to mix into the kibble.

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