Breeder & Cattery Program

Health Benefits*

All in one Puppy Nutrition!

Lower Stool Volume

More mild Stool Odor

Firm Stool

Little to no Vomiting

Proper Pregnancy Weight

Easier Labor

Healthy Birth Weights

Quick Bounce Back

Maintained Coat

Shiny Coat

Sufficient Milk Production

Less bleeding during cycles

Less Hormonal

Financial Benefits*

Earn between 10-35% commission on all purchases your Puppy Customers make

Food eventually will be paid for

Help pay with Vet Visits

Income between Litters

Nutritionally Dense Food = Feed Less per Meal


Quality is Top Goal

Sourced in USA

Manufactured in USA

Nutritionally Dense Food

No poultry by-products

No corn, wheat, or soy

No added sugars or sweeteners

No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

No grains in our grain-free recipes, and only healthy grains in our other recipes


Simple systems & tools in place to help you earn money right away

Custom Recommendation Pages to make ordering simple for your puppy families

Mentor with other Breeders in the pawTree Community

Vets & Nutritionists available

Client Support Available

Results are from independent pawTree petPro's that are responsible breeders.  Individual results may vary.

A Video for YOU:

Video Length: 40 min 38 sec

Partner with pawTree by enrolling with the link provided to you by your pawTree petPro

Once enrolled, you get:

  • The ability to earn up to 35% on every food and supplement purchase for the life of each puppy.

  • Quick reference guide on weaning your puppies to pawTree kibble

  • Simple and customizable recommendation pages for your puppy buyers, where they will see your suggested pawTree products, specific to your litters.

  • And more!




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